IEDB Analysis Resource


Chou & Fasman Beta-Turn Prediction:
Chou PY, Fasman GD. 1978. Prediction of the secondary structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence. Adv Enzymol Relat Areas Mol Biol 47:45-148.
PMID: 364941

Emini Surface Accessibility Prediction:
Emini EA, Hughes JV, Perlow DS, Boger J. 1985. Induction of hepatitis A virus-neutralizing antibody by a virus-specific synthetic peptide. J Virol 55:836-839.
PMID: 2991600 Download PDF

Karplus & Schulz Flexibility Prediction:
Karplus PA, Schulz GE. 1985. Prediction of chain flexibility in proteins. Naturwissenschaften 72:212-213.

Kolaskar & Tongaonkar Antigenicity:
Kolaskar AS, Tongaonkar PC. 1990. A semi-empirical method for prediction of antigenic determinants on protein antigens. FEBS Lett276:172-174.
PMID: 1702393 Download PDF

Parker Hydrophilicity Prediction:
Parker JM, Guo D, Hodges RS. 1986. New hydrophilicity scale derived from high-performance liquid chromatography peptide retention data: correlation of predicted surface residues with antigenicity and X-ray-derived accessible sites. Biochemistry 25:5425-5432.
PMID: 2430611

Bepipred Linear Epitope Prediction:
Larsen JE, Lund O, Nielsen M. 2006. Improved method for predicting linear B-cell epitopes. Immunome Res 2:2.
PMID: 16635264 Download PDF

Ponomarenko JV, Bourne PE. 2007. Antibody-protein interactions: benchmark datasets and prediction tools evaluation. BMC Struct Biol 7:64.
PMID: 17910770 Download PDF

Haste Andersen P, Nielsen M, Lund O. 2006. Prediction of residues in discontinuous B-cell epitopes using protein 3D structures. Protein Sci 15:2558-2567.
PMID: 17001032 Download PDF

Bepipred Linear Epitope Prediction 2.0:
Jespersen MC, Peters B, Nielsen M, Marcatili P. 2017. BepiPred-2.0: improving sequence-based B-cell epitope prediction using conformational epitopes. Nucleic Acids Res (Web Server issue). 2:2.
PMID: 28472356 Download PDF