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B Cell Epitope Prediction Tools

B Cell Epitope Prediction

A collection of methods to predict linear B cell epitopes based on sequence characteristics of the antigen using amino acid scales and HMMs.
This method incorporates solvent-accessible surface area calculations, as well as contact distances into its prediction of B cell epitope potential along the length of a protein sequence.
This method predicts epitopes based upon solvent-accessibility and flexibility.
This page provides information on available methods for modeling and docking of antibody and protein 3D structures.

Structure Tools

The LYRA server predicts structures for either T-Cell Receptors (TCR) or B-Cell Receptors (BCR) using homology modelling. Framework templates are selected based on BLOSUM score, and complementary determining regions (CDR) are then selected if needed based on a canonical structure model and grafted onto the framework templates.

SCEptRe provides weekly updated, non-redundant, user customized benchmark datasets with information on the immune receptor features for receptor-specific epitope predictions. This tool extracts weekly updated 3D complexes of antibody-antigen, TCR-pMHC and MHC-ligand from the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB) and clusters them based on antigens, receptors and epitopes to generate benchmark datasets. Users can customize structural quality and clustering parameters (e.g. resolution, R free factors, antigen or epitope sequence identity) to generate these datasets based on their need.

Logo: Tools under AR Labs which are experimental and are not quite ready for production yet. They are intended for further research, updates and testing.

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